Why Tai Chi


Tesitmonials on Tai Chi Benefits

  1. I have been practicing Tai Chi for about 10 years.  I love the challenges and discipline the Yang and Chen forms requires.  With each practice, you learn something more about the art of Tai Chi and about yourself.  Because of my practice my arms and legs are stronger and my balance has been greatly improved.    Judy H.  
  2. I started Tai Chi classes two years ago at the age of 77 to correct health issues.  I am very pleased with the results.  I no longer have arthritis; enjoy greater mobility, more energy and overall better health.   Most importantly, my bone density had improved by 6.7% on my dexa exam last year and I no longer have any osteoporosis.  Added benefit, I lost several pounds.   I like the fact that movements are done from standing position with no props needed.  Key is to have a dedicated guide as we have in Victor Franco with many years experience, and to practice, practice, and practice. I find that by practicing in early A. M. I have stored enough energy to meet all demands for remainder of day.  More health professionals are becoming aware of the health benefits and recommending to patients.   Peg G.  
  3.  My hiatal hernia acts up from time to time and causes issues like esophageal pressure, acid reflux and GERD. Tai Chi is gentle enough. Most aerobic-type exercise causes issues, but Tai Chi is gentle enough that I can get through the warm-ups and forms, strengthening my body. Tai Chi breathing results in relieving the pressure that the hiatal hernia causes providing good relief.    Walter W.  
  4. My name is Adrian and for the last 9 years, I've suffered from a variety of chronic conditions including fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome as a result of having chronic Lyme disease and several co-infections. During those 9 years, I've been periodically house-or-bed-bound, and unable to care for myself. At other times I was able to function at least semi-independently, but still dealt with crippling pain, brain fog, mild seizures, and never-ending exhaustion to name my worst symptoms.    I met T'ai Chi instructor Victor Franco at a health fair where we both had information tables, and he invited me to join his class, as he believed daily T'ai Chi practice could help with Lyme disease. It took me almost 2 years to take him up on his offer, and, to be honest, I only came to class initially because my mother pushed me to go. My plan was to get my mother comfortable going to T'ai Chi class by herself and to tell Victor thanks, but it’s not for me. I did not plan to fall in love with T'ai Chi practice, and I certainly wasn't expecting the benefits I saw almost as soon as I started taking class seriously.   Within a couple weeks my balance improved dramatically – a big deal in someone that suffers from low blood pressure and high heart rate, which causes an almost constant dizzy feeling. My energy levels also started to improve with the exercise, and that after only 5 months of T'ai Chi. I cannot imagine starting my day without practicing. My overall pain levels are less, probably in part because exercise stimulates the release of serotonin, which helps with mood and inflammation. Trying to incorporate the feeling of “my head suspended on a string from heaven” has improved my overall posture, and helped with back pain. I've found the breathing in T'ai Chi to be particularly helpful both in attempting to meditate and in stimulating my vagus nerve, which has improved my digestion. At first it was tempting to scoff when “feeling your chi” (or inner energy) was mentioned, but daily practice allowed me to feel my chi, my body's personal energy. Any doubts I still had about the actual existence of chi was laid to rest one day in class when we talked about energy transfer, and I was called on as part of a demonstration. Victor and I sat on the floor with our backs touching, and he guided us in an energy transfer, slowly bringing our combined energies up our backs and down our fronts. As our energies mingled, I could feel the heat of the transfer rise along our backs – it wasn't quite a feeling of fire between us, but much more than simple body heat. Since then, I've been able to direct my chi to the most painful areas of my body, which does seem to help relieve pain. So in 5 months of T'ai Chi practice, I have increased energy, better balance, less pain, and a more stable mood. I can only imagine what changes 5 years of T'ai Chi practice will bring me, and am excited to find out.   Adrian V.  

Why We like Tai Chi - Comments from the Students:

  1. I like Tai Chi because of having a qualified guide (Victor) as our instructor. I also makes me enjoy better health and gives me more energy. Peg
  2. I like Tai Chi because it improves my mobility. It's fun and Victor is a great teacher.  Anon.
  3. I like Tai Chi because it makes me feel better. It loosens my joints and I have less pain from arthritis.  Anon.
  4. I like Tai Chi because it's fun and good for you. The people in the class are great.  Adrian
  5. I like Tai Chi because it loosens my joints and makes me more flexible. It allows me to use my Chi energy to heal various parts of my body that may be out of whack. Walter
  6. I like Tai Chi because it makes me feel good and gives me time to be with great people. It also makes me more flexible.  Audrey
  7. I like Tai Chi because it helps me stay limber and maintain good balance. It strengthens my core which has helped me to continue to lose weight. It also keeps me mentally sharp.  Cindy
  8. I like Tai Chi because it makes me feel better and keeps my body in motion. It keeps my balance and coordination intact.  Helen
  9. I like Tai Chi because i get to exercise which helps me with my balance, joints and back. Anon.
  10. I like Tai Chi because it helps me with my balance and gets my "chi" energy going.  BTS
  11. I like Tai Chi because we exercise muscles that we don't exercise normally and it also helps our balance. For we older folks, it's great. Fien